Growing Social Media Addiction

8 Aug

If social media marketing specialists do not know about people’s attitudes  and behaviours  in the world of social media, they will not be as effective as they should be.

Below is a post (April 2010)  from Social Media Examiner about two recent social media market studies on people’s behaviours and attitudes.

People under the age of 25 are more addictive to social network sites i.e. Facebook and Twitter than people over 25 years old. However, the difference is not so dramatic.

A striking finding from that study is that more than half of the Facebook users check their Facebook pages at least once a day. Considering the amount of members in this social networking site, it is huge!

The second study is after the question “What do users want?”

Chitika, an online advertising network , in their study observed:

“Facebook and Twitter users want news, Digg users have more eclectic taste, and MySpace users want to hear primarily about celebrities and video games.”  Interestingly, Twitter users actually were the largest consumers of news sites at 47%, compared to Facebook’s 28%.


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