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Advertising, Social Media, and Neuroscience

26 Jan

Ok, here is the point: I am a neuroscientist, so I think it will be just fair to open a new category; neuroscience & social media.

After all “interactivity” and “expressing oneself” are the key phrases in the world of new media. These all lead to the bigger picture: behaviour which comes from nowhere but the brain.

Here is a very interesting post on marketing presenting results from three fields; advertising, social media, and neuroscience.

In this unique study, the neuromarketing company NeuroFocus analyzed consumers’ responses by using its own brain measurement technology to VISA’s “Trip for Life” commercial related to Winter Olympics 2010 Games on different media platforms i.e. TV commercial, website, and Facebook page.

  • Overall effectiveness for the ad, especially with women: highest on Facebook

  • Purchase intent generated by the ad: highest on both Facebook and TV

  • Messaging carried by the ad: strongest on the Internet, with Facebook stronger than the Web site

  • Attention-getting: highest on the Internet

  • VISA brand perception: lifted most strongly TV

You can reach  the entire post by clicking on the image below:


Fan Page or Group Page on Facebook? A YouTube Video

24 Nov

More posts to come on this topic!

Introduction to social media for qualitative research

4 Sep

Here is a nice presentation on the impact of social media on qualitative research by  Francesco D’Orazio:

35 Social Media Marketing Articles

21 Aug

Below  is a neat and delicious post from a social media and internet marketing blog: Traffikd.

The author lists his favourite 35 articles on social media and internet marketing.

The better part is that he classifies them into categories which makes the list smooth as follows:


Stumble on





Content Development

Professional Services


General Social Media

My Top3 from this list are below:

50 Ways to Use Social Media, Listed by Objective

5 Steps to Become a Better Social Media Marketer

How to Have a Constant Flow of Ideas

Enjoy this post by clicking on the image below:

Twitter For Business Case Study: Naked Pizza

8 Aug

Here is a blog post about my favourite social media case study. It is simple and smart.

I like giving this case to my clients and friends in order to emphasize the power of social media in business.

Located in New Orleans, this pizza company made a twitter only promotion in twitter in April 23, 2009. The result: 15% increase in sales on that day and 90% of the customers being new ones.

Growing Social Media Addiction

8 Aug

If social media marketing specialists do not know about people’s attitudes  and behaviours  in the world of social media, they will not be as effective as they should be.

Below is a post (April 2010)  from Social Media Examiner about two recent social media market studies on people’s behaviours and attitudes.

People under the age of 25 are more addictive to social network sites i.e. Facebook and Twitter than people over 25 years old. However, the difference is not so dramatic.

A striking finding from that study is that more than half of the Facebook users check their Facebook pages at least once a day. Considering the amount of members in this social networking site, it is huge!

The second study is after the question “What do users want?”

Chitika, an online advertising network , in their study observed:

“Facebook and Twitter users want news, Digg users have more eclectic taste, and MySpace users want to hear primarily about celebrities and video games.”  Interestingly, Twitter users actually were the largest consumers of news sites at 47%, compared to Facebook’s 28%.