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8 Aug

The humankind has witnessed “words” for the first time 7,000 years ago…

Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg 600 years ago made the words travel around faster than before.

Then,  words on newspapers came on the scene 400 years ago.

In the World War I and World War II, words were carried with pigeons. The mascot of the social networking site Twitter is a carrier pigeon.

Peoples started  hearing the words on the radio 100 years ago and on the  television 60 years ago.


Came the era of computers…And the world witnessed a new revolution of communication: Social Media in 21st century.

Today…People actively use the words and share their words.

The first decade of the century witnessed the growing of social media. In this decade; 2010-2020, we will see more academic approach when graduate students finish their masters, PhDs and  fellowships on social media. We will have social media faculty members teaching social media and doing academic research on social media with their graduate students.

This blog is a humble contribution to the academic expansion on this revolutionary way of communication  by collecting the recent literature; the academic studies on social media…