Social Media Institutes in the World

The concept of  a social media institute of today’s world mostly implies a platform where people get training on using social media more effectively as a marketing tool rather than a  platform where academic research on social media is accomplished with some exception though (e.g. see  35 Social Media Theses; The University of Toronto’s Knowledge Media Design Institute).

Here are some organizations/academic units:

A) The list below does not follow a specific order.

B) I will be updating this list regularly.

1. Social Media Marketing Institute

2.Social Media: Institute For The Future

3. New Media School

4.Virginia Commonwealth University Social Media

5.Go Sociable: The Social Media Institute

6.Social Media University, Global

7.Online Media Institute

8.Modern Media Leadership Institute

9. The Social Media Learning Institute

10. New Media Institute

11. The University of Toronto’s Knowledge Media Design Institute

12. UGA New Media Institute

13. Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

14. National Screen Institute

15. Social Marketing Institute

16.Social Media Institute (in German)

17.Social Media Institute de la Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (in Spanish)

18. VCU IYLEP Social Media Institute

19. Social Media School NOLA

20. Center for Social Media, School of Communication, American University

21.Institute for Social Media

The list last updated: 24 November  2010, 2:45 AM EST


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